FRONT YARD SLIDE SHOWS is an evolving digital storytelling project that asks people to make a slideshow about the history of their house. Since 2022, a growing collection of 15 short films have been made with local residents living in the City of Unley, that reveal untold stories about the past and the present.

Walk the streets of Unley to view 15 bespoke designed signboards as part of this year’s History Festival or click on the links below to watch online.

Home as Studio and Gallery / 159 Wattle st, Malvern

Kirsten’s Quest / Cross St, Fullarton

A Leap into a New Culture / 25 Leah St, Forestville

A Legacy Passed from Owner to Owner / 16 Anglo Ave, Parkside

The Abbey / 84 King William Rd, Goodwood

The Musgrave Experience / 9 Musgrave St, Goodwood

Garden as Solace / 15 Leah St, Goodwood

Parties before Dancing / 85 Wattle St Fullarton

Memories of Gnangwea / 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton

Love and Loss / Scott St, Parkside

An Unsolved Mystery / 6 Wallis St, Parkside

A Lifelong Project / Hampton St North, Goodwood

From Home to Meeting Place / 74 East Ave, Black Forest

A Long History of Community Connection / 74 East Ave, Black Forest

A Timeless Connection/ 8 Regent St, Parkside

A Slice of History / 224 Wattle St, Malvern

Lost Landmarks / 63 Leader st, Forestville