About the project

FRONT YARD SLIDE SHOWS is a digital storytelling projection project that asks people to make a slide show about the history of their house and the stories of those who have lived there. In this first iteration, 7 slide shows have been created by local Unley residents working in collaboration with lead artists. The outcomes were initially presented during 2023 SA History Festival.

This project aims to generate local participation at a grass roots level, by focussing on people’s lives and the places where they live. It responds to a documented desire from residents to come together and connect with others in artistic activities that foster and enhance the local spirit of Unley.

Concept and video edit: Paul Gazzola
Lighting and projection: Nic Mollison
Editor: Nadia Cusimano
Houses stories: Alexandra Champion, Susan Fraser, Jeff Gillham, Kirsten Lindsay, Andrew Marshall, Niccy Pallant, Rebecca & Dave Van Rysewyk
Story collectors and edit: Sophie Alstergren, Craig Behenna, Nate Charles, Susie Skinner
Project support: Kelly Reynolds

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of this project.

This work is part of a series of projects being developed by OSCA in partnership with the City of Unley as part of their Beyond the Gate initiative. Supported by Arts South Australia & The City of Unley.

Companion project: Say My Name – Unley

This OSCA project is supported by Arts South Australia & The City of Unley.

OSCA – OPEN SPACE CONTEMPORARY ARTS is a multi-year funded, culturally diverse South Australian artist led organisation dedicated to the development, creation, and role of contemporary art in public spaces. Our mission is to provide artists and non-artists with opportunities to create and collaborate on contemporary art works that explore local ideas and new way of coming together. OSCA projects are renowned for working with a wide range of First Nations, Australian and international artists to create profound community responsive arts and cultural projects that offer the public new perspectives to the world around them.